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Ear-protection: keep noise, wind and water away from your ears

CordMax ear protection Inside the ear resides one of the human being’s finest senses: Your hearing.

Noise, wind and water can considerably affect or even damage your hearing. Ear protection helps to avoid this. Here you can learn more about different kinds of earReusable ear-protection protection and their special features. We have compiled details and will explain different functions and advantages.

Our portfolio ranges from rubber foam ear-protection that is available for a few cents to HiFi high performance ear plugs with filter effect (ventilation system).

Navigate the ear-protection jungle:
In well-arranged graphs we have illustrated the absorption values of different ear-protectors. We call them “SonicGramms”. With these SonicGramms you can forget about reading and interpreting complicated technical lines. Here you can see at one glance how strongly different ear-protectors absorb noise.

We have compiled ear protection for various users. In our section “Which for whom?” you can find roundups for musicians, children, watersport athletes and many more. Or check out our ear protection sorted by style. From Hi-Fi plug to rubber foam plug – we have it all.